Princess Beverly – Little Dick Virgin Loser

Mean virgin humiliation along with SPH. I’m a virgin loser in my 30s and I’m doing a women a favor by being too afraid and nervous to ask them out. They’ll be disappointed thoroughly by my inexperienced B*** virgin dick and I’ll ruin their night and everyone will know my secret and laugh. Do it in the style of your other SPH clips. My B*** dick stands at attention hearing the harsh truth from an untouchable goddess. Every woman can tell I reek of inexperienced virgin loser and it makes no sense to try this late in life. coerce me to repeat virgin mantras to myself out loud to make sure I die a pathetic virgin. At some point during that or towards the end tell me to stroke my tiny dick and give me cum countdown as you continue to coerce me to drill virgin loser affirmations into my weakened soul. Wear heels and something tight (and don’t play with your hands; be a dominant brat and use them to flip me off, give me the loser symbol and sph symbol periodically). Face closeups for mantras, full body shot of your sexy legs and face while sitting or standing at other times preferred. Enjoy every minute of my torment but be serious at the same time; you’re only trying to help me realize what I truly am: an old virgin loser with a shriveled B*** dick who could never please any woman and who’s going to die never knowing what it’s like.

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