Miss Melissa - CBT Therapist-Fantasy

Therapist-Fantasy Melissa comes into the waiting room just as your dear wife kicks you in the balls and storms off. Suppressing her laughter, she asks you to come into her office. Amused, your doc asks a few questions about your wife kicking you in the balls. She decides to do some one-on-one therapy-fantasy as couple's therapy-fantasy isn't in the cards for the day. Specifically, your therapist-fantasy thinks hypn0therapy would work best in this case. Since you are so distracted, you agree. She takes you under and programs you to punch yourself in the dick and balls whenever she or your wife snap their fingers. There! Now you will be a very pleasant husband who will listen to his wife and not frustrate her to the point where she has to kick him. Great! Therapist-Fantasy tests out the new trait she implanted in your mind. On your way out, the doctor herself kicks you in the balls and laughs to make you more sensitive to your wife and her signals. Perfect! Well... not for you, perhaps.

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