Carlie - Kicking your Balls with My Boots

Another loser who enjoys having his balls stomped on? Could anything be more pathetic than getting off to having your nuts kicked and stomped on? Really, getting kicked in the balls is what does it for you? I bet that is all you can think about right now as you're under my feets staring at my boots. You're fantasizing about me kicking you in the balls with these boots aren't you. Well spread your legs. You're in luck, I'm in the mood to ruin you. I'm going to abuse your delicate manhood until you cry. Prepare to hurt. You fucking losers love it when I kick your balls with my boots. Take a deep breath in and repeat after me "Please Carlie, please kick me in the balls"....

MP4 * 759 MB * 00:10:37 * 1920x1080

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