Cruel Girlfriend - Fucked By My Boots

Of course my girlfriends know - I tell them everything and I especially enjoy telling them about all the super-humiliating things I make you do. They even help me invent new ways to cause you more shame and embarrassment - creative ways of ensuring you know your place in life. You may want to fuck hot girls like us, to feel us riding on your inferior loser-dick, aching for a dream-girl to let you enjoy yourself just like a real man. The problem is, fucktard, you're just not even close to being a real man which is why I make sure that all you get is the most humiliating 'sex' imaginable... just like last night when I called you out of the closet after my stud was done giving me the most awesome fucking of my life, put your puny cock between my sexy boots and I made you fuck them while I stood there in them. He got my pussy and all you got was my boots - a humiliating boot humping while we laughed at you! So yeah - I told my girlfriends all about that too loser - why the fuck wouldn't I?

Y'know what they said loser? After they were done laughing about every detail of your humiliating boot-fucking attempt? They kinda thought that your beta-boot-fuck may not be the MOST humiliating sex a reject like you could have with my boots. The girls said instead of you fucking the boots... the boots should be fucking you... like penetrating you. We thought long and hard about the most humiliating sex for you to have my boots, loser and we came up with the perfect plan. I'm gonna teach you what sex should feel like for submissive little wimps like you. You're going to lose your virginity to me... aw so cute right? You must be so excited, only you wont be fucking me - I'll be fucking you. You're gonna lose your anal virginity to my boot heels bitch! Ouchy for you loser - I'm gonna push every fucking inch of my boot heel into you ass and make you my boot-bitch - literally! You wanted a hot girl to ride you right loser? Well dreams really do come true because I'm gonna ride your ass for hours bitch!

Get down on the floor where you belong boot-bitch. Get ready for my spiked heel to totally fucking impale you! I'm gonna stamp this fucking heel deep inside you. I'm gonna command you to push your faggot ass back onto my boot and take it like the submissive little bitch you are - letting my boot heel strip you of your virginity. I'm gonna make this fucking hurt, faggot. I'm gonna dig this heel into you and make you fucking cry! You'll beg me to stop, you'll cry, you'll tell me you'll do anything - just to make me stop - but it won't stop boot-fag. Nah-ah - I promised the girls I won't stop until you've fucking cum. I'm going to keep spiking you on my heels until you make an icky puddle of cum for me. No mercy, no going easy on you - just cruel, relentless boot-fucking suffering until you leak your first anal milking. This is EXACTLY the kinda sex a wimp like you deserves - don't you agree with all my girlfriend? Ass up, loser and get ready to be boot-spiked!

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