Kaitlin Grey - Cum on your FACE Loser

You are nothing more than a cum craving slut. A disgusting, dirty act for lowly little slave. The only way for you to cum is to taste the pure humiliation like a loser. This is what you deserve, remember that. So desperate to taste your own, hot, salty cum, your mouth waters in anticipation.

I want you to taste humiliation, I want you to feel humiliation and I want you to be so horny, desperate and confused you won't even know what to feel but you will taste your own hot, salty cum trickling down the back of your neck. As I count you down you position yourself for the most shameful orgasm yet. You will spray your own face with your own cum and eat it. I want your mouth open and I want you to swallow your own cum and remind yourself of what a worthless cunt you are. Eat up bitch boy! You will savor every single drop.

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