Madison Marz - Nerdy Girlfriend Drains Your Muscles

This is a custom video, no names are used.

“Synopsis: You are my nerdy/gamer girlfriend who stays home playing video games while I go to the gym everyday.

We were always skinny nerds but I have been working out really hard the last two years and put on some muscle.

I come home from the gym and you are turned on by my physique.

You ask me to take my shirt off and praise some of my upper body muscles, feeling them (I am also taller than you in perspective).

You clearly appreciate my body and compliment it profusely.

After a bit of that though, you excitedly decide you want to get stronger too.

I explain that it's hard work, effort, etc but you are a bit bratty and definitely don't want to put in any work and sweat.

You get a little whiny about it, pouting that you want to gain muscle fast (which kind of annoys me since I worked so hard), then approach me again putting a finger on my chest.

Instantly we feel something and you notice my pecs (and all my muscles really) deflate a little while you feel more energized, stepping back first in shock but then with a mischievous grin as you look me up and down.

You approach me again and go to feel my arm, holding it longer this time and pointing out that my muscles are shrinking and flowing into you, flexing your own arm.

You go through some of the muscle groups you were just admiring before giggling as you talk about how they are looking smaller/describing them.

I manage to shake you off. You admire your own body a bit, standing up with better posture and flexing. I'm horrified but you kind of have a "told you so" attitude about your earlier claims of wanting muscle fast.

You also notice I'm only an inch or two taller than you now, comparing us and loving it.

You take on a kind of gleeful and teasing cruelty as I beg for you not to touch me again.

You are quickly gaining on me in strength though and quickly grasp both of my shoulders (like one hand on either side) doubling the speed of the transfer).

I beg you but you just observe how all my hard earned muscles (you emphasize all the time I put in) are shrinking, describing some of them and how narrow I am getting compared to you.

I shrink shorter than you now too by a couple inches. You stop again and point out I'm as weak or weaker than when you first met me, laughing at me and wondering how you ever found me attractive.

You shrink me even more, pointing out how disgustingly skinny I am getting and making fun of me for it (and maybe saying something like "gross" as you laugh at me).

You point out how I can barely stand or breathe.

I'm so weak but you don't seem to care.

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