AstroDomina, Jasmine Mendez - GODDESSES OF VORE

A brand new shrinking and vore video with the one and only Jasmine Mendez. Be afraid, be very afraid! Your buddy signed you up for a special session with Goddess Jasmine Mendez and Sydney AstroDomina. You're not quite sure what to expect but these two women are abso-fucking-lutely amazing. So gorgeous. But when Sydney leaves the room and comes back in with a little device, you get a little worried. What kind of session is this? She pushes a button and the two of you start shrinking down to super small tiny size. What the???? And they say there is no way to reverse this shrinking process? Things are not looking good and there are only two possible outcomes for the two of you: getting squished by Jasmine's feet or getting eaten by Giantess Sydney. Neither fate seems terribly exciting to you but if you have to choose, it would certainly be ending up in Sydney's mouth.

MP4 * 250 MB * 00:11:29 * 1920x1080

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