Miss Untamed - Matthews Humiliating New Job

Matthew your 18-year step-son is watching television as you come home in your work pumps barefoot after a long day.. You immediately tell him to get down on his knees and begin rubbing your tired smelly feet. You tell him that you got him a job at a Korean foot spa near the mini-mall. You tell him that the woman who runs it is very strict and demanding. You've given her full permission to discipline Matthew.. He's going to attending to women's smelly feet all day long this summer while all the other people his age are out having a blast. The best part is that he's going to be giving you all the money he earns this summer so you can buy things for your new workout gym in the house. , the best part is once he's worked all day cleaning and massaging all sorts of female feet he gets to come home and attend to yours.. You tell him that his work uniform will consist of pink medical scrubs.. Heather his ex-girlfriend is going away with her new stud boyfriend Brad on a trip to the Bahamas. She sends her best to Matthew attending to smelly feet all summer as she is swimming the golden seas with Brad and making sweet love to him as Matt never could.. You tell Matthew how pathetic he really is and how you're so ashamed to have such a loser wimp of a step-son.. You tell him that he belongs to you and that he will do everything you tell him to as long as he lives under your roof..

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