As a Giantess, there's nothing better after an intense workout than a handful of human power snacks!

Sydney just came back from working out and she's starving! Time to replenish those calories! But she's not sure what she wants to eat. Being a giant Goddess requires you constantly intake a high protein diet. She rummages through her cabinets when finally she remembers - she had left a few tiny humans in a small container. Those are the perfect power snacks!

She dumps them out on her counter top, savoring the taste. Tiny little humans are her favorite kind of snack, especially when they fight on the way down. You get to watch from several different angles, include a few POV shots as she picks them up one by one and puts them in her mouth. She likes to play with them with her tongue a little bit first before swallowing them down.

Of course, too bad for them there's nowhere to go but down her gullet! There's no chance to escape from a giantess like her, so each and every one of them shares the same fate - as her human power snack to be turned into giantess energy! Gulp!

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