Miss Untamed - Matthews Service Party

You my beautiful dominant step-mother come into my basement dungeon where I'm napping now ever since you converted my room into your personal gym. You're wearing your slippers barefoot. It's the middle of the night and you want your feet rubbed. They've been sweating in your slippers for hours. You tell me that you've decided that since Halloween is coming you'll be having a costume party. You're going to go dressed as a sexy dominatrix in leather and I will be going as a sissy maid dressed in a pink dress. You tell me that since I go as a wimp every day it wouldn't be that hard to dress up for your Halloween party that you've planned. I will be servicing all of your guests and their feet. Brad and my ex-girlfriend Heather are coming over. They're going to be dressed as a cowboy and Indian. Heather will be wearing a sexy Indian costume.. I will be attending to their smelly feet as well. You tell me that since I'm over 18 it would be ok to please some of the guests orally in the back room if that's what they request. One of your gay coworkers loves a good blowjob and who better than your adult wimp sissy foot slave step-son to do it for him. You then explain to me that you'll be expecting me to learn how to give head really well as this costume party is a test for me to show off my foot and oral services. You're thinking about pimping me out on weekends for extra money..

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