Young Goddess Kim - Foot slave's Delicacy

As My foot slave, your privilege and duty is to serve and worship My divine feet in every way I desire. From the moment I walk in, your lowly gaze is fixed on My strappy red stilettos. Crawl and kiss My sacred sole! Good footdog. Go ahead and stare at the feet that own you. I notice My toenails require some clipping and filing and remove My shoes. Now I want your unworthy face right beneath My soles as I file My toenails. I collect them until I have a nice meal for you to lick up - you better savour it as this is all you'll be eating today! Worship My sole and thank Me for blessing you with this delicacy. I order you to lay beneath My soles as I press them against your face and touch up My nail polish.. you better not move and make Me mess up My nails or I will punish you severely, footbitch! you're just a piece of furniture to Me, nothing but an object. On all fours in the footstool position while I rest My divine feet on you as My nails dry... your head is down, feeling the weight of My feet on your footstool body as you humbly serve your true purpose. Such a useful and obedient footdog!

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