Luna Sapphire - Boot And Sweaty Bare Foot Worship

Be a good boot bitch and bow down for my gorgeous feet in tall, knee-high lace-up combat boots. The sight of me in these tough black boots makes you weak and submissive. Get on your knees and kiss my boot. Yeah, now lick it, slut. After making you clean my boots with your tongue I take them off and shove my damp sweaty sock feet in your face. I put my socked foot in your mouth and then take off my socks and tell you to suck the sweat out of them while jerking off. My next use for your nasty mouth is to lick my sweaty feet and suck on all my toes. I even gag you with my entire foot in your mouth. I decide you’re worthy of cumming for my feet after you choke and slobber on them. I give you a quick cum countdown and tell you to blow your load for Goddess’s soles. 

MP4 * 925 MB * 00:15:35 * 1920x1080

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