Eva de Vil - Dumped and Shrunk

I’m tired of dating you and I want you to move out, but you refuse. If you won’t go voluntarily then I’ll just have to make you!

With the click of a button, you find yourself rapidly shrinking. In a matter of seconds, you’re standing one inch tall. I’m delighted. Seeing you squirming around, the size of an ant, is the most fun I’ve had with you in months!

Should I shrink your things too or should I just sell it all? There’s nothing you can do to stop me! I instantly rendered you completely powerless and now you’re totally at my mercy.

I could eat you. I could sprinkle you on my fries like a grain of salt. I bet I wouldn’t even taste you!
I could drop you in a water bottle and stick you in the freezer. Then I’d have a perfectly preserved miniature of my ex to take out and admire anytime I wanted!

I shrink you smaller and smaller. A centimeter. A millimeter. The tiniest I can make you is a picometer: barely the size of a crumble.

Bizarrely, you’re turned on at becoming so helplessly tiny. I make you jerk off (even though your dick is now too small for me to see!) and finally, as I shrink you down to the smallest possible setting, I order you to cum.

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