Ariel Anderssen, Ariel Sophia - Humiliation and Spanking

My dear friend Sophia Smith and I are enjoying an afternoon of catching up in my sitting room, but you, my pervy tenant, is hiding behind the sitting room door, enjoying the view and wanking!

Once we catch you in the act, we embark upon an epic program of - locking you in chastity, giving you regular sessions of spanking with a straitjacket on, and shaming you for your lack of self control. Over several weeks, we ensure your obedience and submission - breaking your will and making you do everything we say!

Sophia and I wear a variety of lovely outfits and a selection of high heels during the course of this fem-dom blockbuster.

MOV * 3.73 GB * 01:04:08 * 1920x1080

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