Mistress Daniella - Russian Mistress Boot Domination

Russian Mistress Daniella stands over 6 feet in her knee high black boots. Her dominant nature and sexy Russian accent will bring you to your knees.

Come here you idiot and lick my fucking boots! Suck on my fucking heel! You will do exactly what I tell you. Now lick the sole. Show me what a fool you are. I don't give a fuck about you. I'm just going to let you lick my boots for my own personal amusement. Make them fucking shine! And when I'm done, I'm going to kick you the fuck out. Because this is your fucking place, your purpose, a boot licking bitch.

Do you realize how pathetic you are? I think nothing of you. I mean, what could I think about some idiot who wants to lick boots? You're not even a man, a real man would be fucking me in these boots. In fact, a real man is going to fuck me in these boots as soon as your done polishing them with your tongue. I can't help but laugh at you, you just look so stupid. I honestly can't believe that men like you exist. But you do, so I'm going to use you for your tongue and that's it. That's all you deserve and in truth, it's all you want.

C'mon idiot, clean them better. Up and down. Lick the sides, the soles, the heels, the laces and the buckles! Show me what a good boot licker you are. You have no choice but to worship me from your knees. This is your place. Use the drool from your lips to spit shine my boots loser. I want to hear licking and sucking noises while you're doing it too. Completely degrade yourself, idiot.

Show me how fortunate you feel to be underneath my boots. Show me that you want to be my personal boot licker or I'll kick you in the face with these huge heels. And when you're done, just before you leave, thank me and beg me to let you return and do it all over again. Stupid fucking idiot!

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