I love trying out new things in the bedroom with you! Have you heard of ballbusting? Oh cmon it's probably not as bad as it sounds...

You've been trying out new things in the bedroom with your girlfriend Sydney, and it just seems that every time ends up with you out like a light! You had just tried scissor holds and finally come back to reality, and she's really exciting to try something else now. She asks if you've ever heard of ball busting.. You're not sure you like where this is going, but you really want to make her happy so you say you'll try it.

Next thing you know she's putting on some strappy heels and makes you stand up straight in front of her, legs spread and ready to receive her kicks. Don't worry she says, she'll go easy on you at first. She seems super excited about it, and before you can say anything she slams her high-heeled foot in your balls. She laughs as you double over, she seems to really be getting a "kick" out of this!

On top of that, you're unable to hide your raging boner and she can easily see that as well. She continues with several more kicks, getting more excited each time. Don't worry, of course it's painful, but she'll reward you in the end for being such a good boyfriend letting her explore new things!

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