Miss Tiffany - Sissy Cuckold Chastity Pay Pig To An Alpha Couple

Hey there sissy, you came to the right place lol. I'm going to give you exactly what you've been craving, being a little sissy bitch cuckold pay pig to an alpha couple, me and my hung boyfriend lol. Are you excited? Does that make your little clitty hard? LOL! You're going to serve not only me, but my hot alpha boyfriend too. And his cock is so fucking thick and big, something a little sissy cuck like you only fucking dreams about.

And the first thing we're going to do to you is to truly feminize you. I know you 'try', but you look pathetic. If you wanna worship me and my hot, hung boyfriend, you're going to need to really feminize yourself for us. I want you completely degraded lol. And then I'm going to put my pink collar on you. But you haven't earned that yet. You need to really slut yourself up or you can easily be replaced lol. And once you're feminized, we're going to lock up that little tiny clitty of yours because you jerk that thing a little too much, don't you? You're constantly trying to rub your horny clitty and we can't have that if you're going to serve us. We need you focused on us and not on your cock lol.

You're fucking pathetic. And your cage is going to be pink just like your outfit lol. Do you understand, my little sissy? And once you're feminized and locked up, we're going to drain your fucking wallet lol. Do you know why? Because that's what sissy chastity cucks deserve! You deserve to be fucked over, don't you? I don't care what you do in your real life, here, you're just a little sissy bitch to us. You're only purpose is to serve. You're here to be our cumslut or whatever the fuck else we feel like doing to you. So your pay checks will be going to us LOL!

Look at my perfect body, sissy. I know you're jealous of it. You wish you could be as sexy as I am. I know you'd love to be down on your knees before us, handing over your cash like a good sissy cuck lol. Paying is the only thing that makes you useful, and as you pay your little clitty will get so hard against your cage. You're no longer going to be a man, just a little sissy thing. Just a thing, on your knees, begging to pay my boyfriend's huge cock. LOL! And I can't wait to watch how he treats you. He will truly make you feel pathetic and degraded like you've never felt before. You'll feel like such wimp next to him. His muscles and his huge cock would make any sissy bitch want to fight you for your position beneath him lol.

Now if you truly want this to be a reality, and it can be, I want you to send me a video of you sucking a big dildo so I can see if you're worthy. And you're going to tribute me just for taking the time to consider you. You have to pay to serve because you're just a sissy little cuck thing lol. You're not even human any more. You're just there to be used and fucked with. We're going to train you so that the only way you can cum is when you're used up and broke. LOL! But the truth is, being in chastity is such a fucking turn on for you, that your pathetic little sissy cuck cock will be throbbing in its cage. And soon you will prefer that to jerking off lol.

So my little sissy cuck thing, do you think you're worthy? I know some of you fantasize about this but you're too much of a bitch to truly go through with it. I'm not talking to you idiots, I'm only talking to those sissies who know what they want and are ready to take the next step. For those of you who are ready to earn the privilege of wearing this collar and have the privilege of serving a hot alpha couple, then let me know. Send me an email and we can make this real. I know you've been desperate for some hot alpha couple to take you in and this is it, sissy. Don't fuck it up lol.

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