Stella Liberty - So You Want to Be Collared Series

Epic Slave training clip! Full version with 7 parts. So You Want to Be Collared: Series Full Length

Welcome to my Dungeon:Today is the first day of your new life slave. You want to know what it takes to be in my stable? Well take notice. It may be hard to concentrate as I sit in front of you but you will need to follow all the steps to get my attention and adoration. Slaves need the proper attire when in my presence and once you are naked, collared and cuffed the lessons can begin. You will learn how to present yourself and how to address your Goddess. Everything in my domain belongs to me including you. There are 4 phases that you will learn by heart and through training. You will learn quickly or you will face painful consequences from my flogger and cane. I will give you a taste of pleasure, attention, discipline and hard reminders throughout your first training lesson. I hope for your sake you survive because there are 6 more days before you'll even be ready. Crate Training:Today we are going to work on putting a dirty little animalistic like you in its place. Your new home will be a nice small tight crate. This will be where you go when we are done playing or I have other tasks to accomplish. All my pets need to be good and noisy **** will be punished. You are no longer a man, you are my pet and there will be leash training and you will be tasked with fetching objects like a good boy. You will learn that I am the only person you need to think about as I will control all your food and drinks and you will thank me. The only thing you will be allowed to drink is my divine spit and you will be so thankful for the opportunity. Good pets make my mouth water so you will never be thirty as long as you behave. As my pet your only job is following all my commands and you will never have to worry as I am so generous and we both know you want to be a good boy for your owner. So what kind of pet are you going to be? You'll Be my Sissy Maid:

After 2 days of consideration I think it's time you are allowed to have some clothes. But no one wants to see you in your ugly man suit so from now own you are just going to be my sissy whenever you are permitted to wear clothes. Feminization is one of my favorite play activities and soon you will be a good slut for me. From now on you will need to learn all the important aspects of wardrobe and you will now be responsible for picking out my daily outfits for sessions and shoots. In order to do this, I'm going to teach you how to be hot and sexy so there will be no excuses and you can slide into your new role as easy as the sexy lace panties I put on your naked body. Panties are just the start and by the end you will look so slutty wearing a bra, pink sissy heels and a new hair extensions that no one will recognize the person you use to be. You will have no problem passing when we go out on the town and I will introduce you to all my studs to prepare you to be my cuckold sissy slut. You will learn to do all your chores as a sissy slut and eventually you will be in charge of dressing yourself. So make sure to take notes and get ready for the next step of your training. How to be the Best Slut:It is clear now that you are taking a liking to your new life as my owned sissy maid. You looked so good kneeling in front of me all dressed up and caked with makeup that I think it's time you earned your sissy name. Today you will learn how to seduce the all the men coming into your new life and learn how to use your mouth for it's true purpose, giving blowjobs. You need to make your mouth as wet as possible before you even get my strap on shoved down your throat. You will learn how to use all of your mouth to give pleasure and how to use your hands in perfect timing as you bob up and down on a throbbing member. You will learn the best technique for teasing and sucking because my sluts always give the best blowjobs. You will learn to enjoy all cocks and suck them dry like the greedy slut you truly are. Everything you learn will be used for my benefit because you will eventually graduate to preparing my lovers for your Mistress. Do you understand your new role as my pleasure object? Keys to Your Freedom: You have been such a good little slut through the last couple days of your training but that was just the beginning. You have been enjoying too many freedoms thus far and today we are going to talk about chastity. In order to become my slave you are going to have to lose the last of your manhood and then you will be powerless to resist any of my commands. You will be locked up with me as your Keyholder to guarantee all the effort I am putting into your training is not going to waste with unpermitted orgasms. Locked up you will be in charge of all the mundane tasks that are not fun for your Goddess and in return we will explore all your deepest and darkest fantasies. Chastity will not be easy for you, because tease and denial will be an everyday struggle and you will become the perfect obedient servant. My sexy latex dress will just be the beginning of your teasing and you will always be responsible for keeping me nice and shined up always. We will probably start you off with just one week but who knows. As long as you are good and keep me happy you have nothing to worry about. Fuck up and you may never see your keys again. Get Me Hot for My Date: Now that you are dressed up as my sissy slut and locked up in chastity you will begin helping me get ready for my dates. Nothing turns me on more than foot worship and you will always start by getting down on your knees and worshipping them. It will start slow with a nice foot massage and you will have to get extremely good at it if you want to stay around as my personal full time slave. I will tell you exactly what I want and its important for you to take notice and remember it every time you kneel before my perfect feet. After rubbing them and making me nice and relaxed it will be time to use your mouth and tongue. I want you to clean every inch of them and get your tongue between each toe so that no spot will be missed. You will learn to accept as much of my foot of your throat down your sissy throat because if you can take my whole foot, you will have no problem getting my lovers cock hard. But first you will have to earn it by cleaning my feet and by the time I am done with your training, you will have an insatiable foot fetish. Clean Up this Mess. You have made it to the last lesson of your training. Dressed up as my sissy maid you have already learned that cleaning will be an important part of your service. But keeping my dungeon tidy is not the only thing you will clean up. You will be responsible for cleaning up your Goddess after all her lover and bulls come. Dressed in just my lingerie it will be important for you to inspect my sex and clean up after all the hot sex you will never get to be a part of. You did such a good job warming up my lover that he gave it to me long and hard. Tonight will be the first time you eat another real man's cum and it will be coming straight from my freshly fucked holes. You will greedily clean out the cum from whichever hole my bull has used and you will get to drink it all. But first you will have to earn it by trying to lick it through my panties. This will be your newest addition to your diet and this dinner will be served often to my little sissy pets.

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