Worship Amber - Don't Look Upset

I'm your brat little step-sister who has never had to work for anything. I come home from shopping with expensive gifts that I bought with your credit cards!

You’re in the room, kneeling in chastity exactly where I left you, but you seem to be a little upset LOL
As the older step-brother, you have to work hard, go to college and go through life as a beta simp falling further into debt racked up by me! Hahaha

Despite the fact that I make a fortune kicking losers in the nuts and having lots of loser paypigs locked up in chastity, I still treat you like all the other losers… and now I have you locked up too! I’ve turned you into just another one of my beta chastity slaves that I kick in the nuts and make money off.
“you seem upset. Don't be upset, jealous, bitter, frustrated....instead you should be thankful, grateful, proud, happy. like don't be upset that I've had you in chastity for months, be thankful I haven't flushed your key down the toilet!!!”

I mention how all of my hot friends think it’s hilarious what I’ve done to you, even taking pictures to mock you further. "love me for not kicking your useless balls up into your pretty little throat!” Hahahahaha
You need to be reminded of your place…. Serving me! And be thankful for ALL of the things I HAVENT done to you…. Yet, anyways hahahaha

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