valleryvixen - Female Feeders Boy Toy

When Val met you at the fast food place, she knew you were something special. That massive pile of food you were putting down your eager mouth no doubt showed promise! She has been looking for a feedee boy toy for awhile, one to fatten up unlike her fit husband. She Skypes with you for the first time in a few months since getting you set up on your gaining schedule and she's eager to see your progress. Once you take off your shirt, she can't believe the size of your belly and moobs! Before disconnecting she tells you to keep up the great work and keep getting fatter for her! Months pass and Val calls you on Skype to check in again. This time you've made some SERIOUS gains and you've far exceeded any of her expectations. She can't wait any longer to get her hands on you! Val tells you she is going to schedule a trip for her husband to leave town and she is going to have you over to her house so she can experience your lard in person. It's taken longer than she had hoped to get her husband out of the house, but you are here now and she can't wait to get her hands on you! After putting her hands on your belly and giving it a good jiggle, she can't resist any longer, and invites you into her bedroom for some much needed rewards for all of your progress.....

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