Miss Ruby Grey - Crossdressing Fag Test

This is a test to see just how much of a gay boy you are. I want to see how excited you get when I tell you to put on panties, fishnets, lingerie and a dress! When I see just how hard you get as you slip into these cute lacy panties, I already know the results. I put lipstick on you and Encourage you to suck cock like the true fag you are. Tell me just how much you love cock pressed against the back of your throat. Show me as I taunt you for being such a crossdressing, cum guzzling, cock sucking faggot. With a rock hard, leaky cock and a dick in your mouth, the only way to end this is with an explosive cum countdown.

MP4 * 768 MB * 00:11:39 * 1920x1080

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