Goddess Olivia Rose - The Legsecutrix 2 - Loose Ends

You get a call from your employer that there is a witness in protective custody. I like the idea that you are standing over another victim when the phone call comes in. You pull the trigger and Finish him. It could be a follow up to the first Executrixxx-Fantasy custom. You are posing as a prosecutor dressed in a short skirt revealing shirt, black or tan sheer pantyhose, and heels. Maybe a sexy business look. The witness has a massive weakness for crossed legs in sheer stockings and heels. Three or four cops are watching him. You flirt with each cop one by one and take them out quietly. They are in different positions throughout the safe house. You seduce and flirt, which each cop to get close to them. You are flirty but verbally to them.

You see, they get turned on by a dominating woman. You could take a couple out with a G U N with a silencer sound effect. Maybe one of the cops you sit down and cross your legs. Call him over to you to show some paperwork after you tease him with your legs. Then take him out in a sexy way. I'll let you decide. You make your way to the witness. You sit down, crossed leg, and start to tease David, the witness. You start talking about the case, but you are with verbal and being dominating in a sexy voice. You discover he has a fetish for powerful women and likes being dominated. He can't stop staring at your legs. You tell him why you are there; that you are going to take him out. You tease him with your legs. He can't resist. You take your G U N and shove it in his mouth. You make him suck on it, and you can see him getting excited. You take him out. You make the call saying, "it's done". On your way out, one cop is still alive. You put your foot on his throat in a sexy way. If you have a fake G U N, you point at him, say something sexy and pull the trigger.

MP4 * 1.14 GB * 00:18:15 * 1920x1080

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