Raquel Roper - Three Days Of Play Ft Miss Roper

You've been here before. Beat down by me and my cock. However you've never been face fucked for three days straight. Three days of hard play, where I show your mouth and body no mercy. I change the size of my strap-on cock each morning, making you take bigger and more. Seeing how much I can stuff down your throat. You're mocked, humiliated, spit on, tea-bagged, stomped on, made to drink my nectar and used as a human ashtray. I even make you apart of a live stream, to show my friends and fans what a mess I have made of you. So many sadistic activities in which I place you through during these three, long days. You thought before that you could take it, didn't you? You thought before it would be a dream come true to spend this much time with me one on one. Seeing how many ways my mind comes up with to fuck you up. I will have you eating your wishes and words, along with this fat dick.

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