Dommelia - Im Your New Mmmy

Hello there my little sissy step-s*n. I’ve got a little surprise for you today, a special guest I’ve bought along. Say hi to your EX-mmmy! You’re gonna watch as I fuck her up the ass, but first you can start by sucking on my strap-on and getting it nice and wet, ready to pound this old saggy bitch’s ass. I humiliate and taunt her, making her kiss my ass and making you spit in her face and tell her that she is no longer your m o m and that I, Goddess Dommelia, have replaced her. All this pegging makes me hot and sweaty so I make you lick the sweat from my ass crack and armpits. I make you jerk off as you watch me ride her before swapping over and fucking you up the ass, making her watch as you cum for a second time. And what better way to compound the utter than by making you eat your own mess?

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