Empress Jennifer - High School Dream Come True

It's been no secret that you have been obsessed with me ever since high school.. you've always made it clear lol. so I am sure we will have a good time tonight have a lemonade or two together. I feel like we went right back to those school days, you are still EXACTLY the same.. I will be honest, I have been thinking about you.. I mean, how could I not? you're always popping up like, everywhere.. Do you do that on purpose? Are you trying to get me to notice you or something? lol... well you are definitely hard to overlook! How's that lemonade btw? you feel weird?? hmm.... well good. because I finally have you right where I want you. I have been wanting you here in My possession for A LONG TIME. And I will finally get to do and say everything I have always wanted to to you.

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