Kelly Sunshine - Filthy Smelly Sock Humiliation

Admit it; you’ve jerked off to the sight and scent of dirty socks before. How pathetic! After years of sniffing sweaty socks, it’s just not enough for you anymore. Now you crave more filth, more dirtiness. I have the perfect pair of socks for you to sniff and taste. Look at how grimy and disgusting these white socks are! The scent of My socks is so pungent, I could barely even stand to have them on My feet! Just the idea of these filth caked socks is making you turned on. I guarantee you’re salivating and drooling just imagining what these socks would taste like in your mouth. Gross, loser!

MP4 * 378 MB * 00:06:34 * 1920x1080

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