Princess Ellie – Serve Your Queen

You wish to serve the Queen. Look at me and get down on your knees. I want you to worship me. I want you to know without a shadow of a doubt, who you need. You need me. You want to serve me. Look at my superior breasts. They please you, you wish to serve them. They make you weak in the knees. Fall before me and beg me to take you into my stable as my little slave pet. You want to belong to me, body, mind and soul.
You need to belong to me. You would do anything to belong to me. This ass, the ass of a Goddess is what you need. You know you need to serve it. And how can good boys serve and please a Goddess? By doing as you’re told, appreciating me and my body, gifts and tributes, and spreading the good word of the Goddess herself. You need me. You can’t imagine a life without your Goddess. Obey like a good boy or be cast out.

You long to be a good slave for me. You want to be a better slave. Show me that you can obey. Show me that you’re worthy of my time. Look at my pussy, you know it controls you, it controls your mind. You lust for it, you know how powerful pussy is, especially my Goddess pussy. Will you obey my pussy? Of course you will. Will you worship your Queen, no questions asked? You know you’ll do anything for this pussy. You know it and you’ll show it. This Goddess pussy owns you. This Goddess ass owns you. And my Goddess tits own you, they control you. And all you need to do to please me is to say, ‘Your wish is my command.’ And to fulfill my needs above your own.

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