London Lix - Dissolving Chastity Key Cuckolding Game

My little chastity cuck, bound, caged... What are you most drawn to right now? Is it my perfect, nearly-naked tits? My juicy ass bouncing inches from your face? Or is it the key I'm holding in my hands? The key that, should I allow it, unlocks your cock. The same cock that's already straining against the bars of that cage. Lol. And I haven't even told you what I'm about to do yet...

I'm about to fuck a real man. He's waiting for me next door and you're going to listen to it all. But don't get too jealous, cucky. I have a treat for you too! Lol. In this glass is a special liquid that will dissolve anything I place in it, like, oh I don't know... your chastity keys? Oops! I'd say you have about three hours before that key is unusable...

Now I'm about to go get fucked and maybe I'll be back before the only key to your freedom is gone forever. Or maybe I won't. In the meantime, you can stay there and think about what you want more; to be unlocked from your cage, OR to listen to my pleasure as I deny you yours, to willfully suffer for me, to be helpless and horny, to be my plaything... Have fun, pet!

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