Dirty Demi - Revenge on Panty Pervert Roommate

(FULL FACE) In this video you’ve snuck into my room to go through my patnies while I’m out but to your horror I come home early and catch you in the act! I’m outraged and tell you that my friends warned me you were a weirdo before I agreed to live with you… I inspect my panties and see there’s one pair you’ve put back in the wrong place, I hold it up and patronisingly remark – do you even know what this is? I tell you it’s a strap on and suddenly my face clouds over… I’ve had an idea! If you can’t respect basic just out of respect for another human being – I’m going to have to teach you the hard way… I tell you to shut your eyes. You hear some rustling about and then I tell you to open them… I’m laid on the bed with an 8 inch cock in my strap on wearing a full leopard print bodysuit, my hair is tied up and I have a choker on – I’ve completely transformed! You’re scared but can’t help the tingly feeling that’s happening in your cock… is this going where you think it might be? I tell you that you’re going to do exactly as I say and in return I won’t tell anyone about your panty perversion… now spread your legs! This video is a delicious exploration of power, humiliation and two roommates getting up to some naughty stuff they really shouldn’t be doing – the perfect recipe for a naughty film in my opinion! Available to stream or download and keep forever! I hope you have as much fun watching as I did recording!

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