Bratty Ashley Sinclair - Little Dick Chastity Wallet

I know how much you love being locked up in chastity for me. You’re so pathetic when that little dick is all locked up. But you love being humiliated and controlled by a young, bratty girl like me. You love having your cock being completely controlled by me. I have the key so have all the power. And your dick is so tiny and pathetic what would you do with it anyway if it were free? You’d probably jerk it all day, and you need help with that.
No girl is ever going to fuck you. Even if you tried you’d be a complete failure because it’s so fucking small. So this is what you deserve. Little dick losers like you need to be owned little chastity slaves who are nothing but little wallets for me.
I want you to look at my hot body while your cock is locked up. I want it throbbing in that cage. I love knowing that you can’t even touch yourself when you look at my body because the truth is, you don’t deserve to. I don’t want losers like you touching themselves to me. I think it’s gross. That’s why you’re locked up for me.
You love having a hot brat like me, fully dressed, humiliating you and your little dick while it’s locked up. This is your fucking dream, this is what you jerk to, but not today loser. It must be so hard staring at me and hearing me verbally destroy you while you’re unable to touch yourself. I’ll bet you’re getting so hard inside that device. I mean you’re lucky I even let you see me like this, aren’t you?
I hold your key so I decide when you can touch it, I decide if and when you’ll get to cum. So you better be a good boy for me. I mean you’re just some pathetic chastity loser with a tiny dick. I really have no reason to let you out. So you better find some way to please me or you’re never getting out.

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