Heather Highborne - Home Wrecking Essay

Hi teach... I’ve just completed my essay on the three reasons why you’re fucked! Hahahaha

Fucked... fucked... oh and fucked, hahahaha... in conclusion, your super fucked... wanna know why?

Cuz I just came from your house and made your wife my little bitch. MmmHmm... that’s right... I had her down on her knees begging me to take full advantage of her.

And you’ll be so horny from being locked up in chastity... that you’ll thank me for being the superior goddess that did this to you both... now let’s get this cage on you.

You really are a worthless fucker... a weak pathetic fuck that now only exists as a peasant... my peasant... a peasant to your ex wife... a peasant to the long line of bulls that will be laughing as they stretch out her holes.

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