thekittyquinnxxx - Kitty Quinn, Scarlett Venom, JaeLynn Piggs - Sneaker Simp

Kitty Quinn, Scarlett Venom and JaeLynn Piggs have you wrapped around their pinky toes. You follow them around like a lost little pathetic puppy, in the hopes that maybe one day you'll be worthy of standing a chance. They're always teasing you and flirting with you anyway... You get to their place to pick them up to take them to the mall, under the premise that they're going to let you get off to their feet in exchange for a ride to the mall. You jump at the chance after how long they've been stringing you along. Kitty, Scarlett and JaeLynn tease you, seducing you with their sexy sneakered feet. You can't even stop staring at their Chucks long enough to look them in the eye. You can feel every vein in your cock throbbing with every pulse, aching to rip off your pants and jerk off to their stinky sneakers and perfect princess feet. But...these sneaky sexpots have a different idea in mind. You're going to have to take them on a shopping spree at the mall BEFORE they'll let you stroke it to the sneakers. You're going to have to drain your wallet and accounts before these Converse clad goddesses are going to let you drain your balls. So tuck that little boner away and make sure you've got your wallet. These hotties are taking you to the mall to melt those cards first.

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