Madam Samantha - Extra Mean Virgin Humiliation

You are never going to have a life of good sex, women will never come near you - they will be repulsed by you ! It’s time you lost your virginity to an inanimate object you fucking loser, fucking your hand doesn’t count and you barely last over a minute. Yeah, I am going to make you put it deep inside you, hear you moan and groan pathetically. Now you’re even more of a joke to me ! Hahahha, did you actually think you were going to hold more credit now that you lost your virginity. Faggot sissy slut hahahaha!!!!

“Get in the loser position, legs in the air , riiiiight back. It’s time to insert ! Half inch by half inch, I’ll be gentle till it’s ALL in! Cheap slut, tell me how much you love it...Now finish your 'friend' off “

MP4 * 952 MB * 00:06:37 * 1920x1080

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