Miss Alika White - Sissy Orgasm Challenge

I’m giving you a chance to have a little orgasm. But you know me, I’m not going to let you cum like a man. That wouldn’t be any fun for me. And it wouldn’t make sense for you. No, I’m going to give you a challenge where you’ll attempt to cum in a way that’s more natural for a sissy. You’ll have a time limit so if you can’t climax in time… well, that’s even funnier.

How exactly should a sissy cum? You’ll find out when I’m ready to make you do it, but first you need to take your hand off your cock until I say you can touch it. I’ve made sure to only use clips in the preview from the first part of the video so it doesn’t give the “technique” away.

If you want a chance to cum, you’ve got to play by my rules, sissy. And then thank me for the opportunity, whether you get your sissygasm or not.

MP4 * 770 MB * 00:10:05 * 1920x1080

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