mistressbijoux - BALL Breaker CBT

you KNOW Miss Bijoux hates your genitalia--- and we both also know it is a DETERRENT to have access to your "goods". Besides, what else do you need them for? *Not* reproducing with the Female sex, that's for sure (Strong SEXUAL REJECTION themes alert). So, why not? Why WOULDN'T I destroy them with this nice, shiny, heavy hammer while I bombard you with super intense VERBAL HUMILIATION and SLAVE TRAINING? Will it hurt? Yes. Will you regret it? Probably. But you deserve this-- all BETA slaves deserve to be manually castrated by Miss Bijoux. CBT TRAINING creates a better world for the Women around us when you are neutered. The world doesn't revolve around your stupid cock and balls anyway, you know. Now, hold still. (Or don't).......

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