Valentina - Sissy Maid At Your Own Coming Out Party

I'm not listening to all your begging sissy. It's time everyone found out about your secret sissy identity. You're right to be ashamed of it, sissy, and you're right to be terrified about this evening's party. I won't lie to you - it's going to be totally humiliating but I want everyone to see the real you. You're going to be wearing your full sissymaid uniform before any of the guests arrive. Your short, frilly maid's dress with its satin apron tied in a bow. Your ruffled petticoats over your long, stockinged legs teetering on your punishment-heels and I want the cute little maid's cap perched on your long curly blonde wig. That's how you are going to dress to welcome the guests into your coming-out party.

As everyone arrives, you'll curtsey and ask to take their coat in your girliest voice. My girlfriends, your buddies, my boyfriends, your ex-girlfriend, the neighbours, your work colleagues - everyone is invited sissy. Everyone is going to meet the new you - little miss curtsey-girl! And once everyone has arrived - I'm going to drag you into the middle of the room for everyone to get a close look at you. We'll make you lift your skirt to show your chastity device and bend over to show your cute little butt plug.

It's going to be so embarrassing for you with everyone making fun of you in your dainty maids’ uniform as we tell you twirl for us, and curtsey and bend over haha! You're going to be crying with shame but trust me sissy, there's going to be plenty of laughter at your party too!

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