Miss Melissa - House Guest to Slave

I am pissed off! You have outstayed your welcome at my place. Only a few days? Yeah, right! I am here to kick you out of my guest bedroom. My boyfriend is moving in anyways and I need you OUT! Getting down on your knees is not going to help you out. I am on the phone with my bf and he thinks you should get out, too! But he came up with an excellent idea. You can continue to stay at my place, but not as a house guest. Nope! You will stay on as our foot slave if you prove yourself. I bring over my bf's dirty sock. You will handle doing chores for him as well. Duh! Suck dirty and sweat out of this sock to prove yourself. Or else, I will kick you out. Moving on, this is how you will eat from now on. I throw some pieces of bread on the floor and step all over them in my muddy rain boots. Then, I make you clean them with your tongue. I tower over you. Welcome to your new life.

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