Stella Liberty - Dollhouse Foot Worship Slave

I love to collect my favorite foot slaves and do something very special with them. Lucky for you, you have risen to the top and I have bestowed this very special honor upon you. I have shrunken you into the size of a toy and made you live inside my dollhouse. Once a day you will be responsible for caring for my giant feet, by massaging, licking and sucking to the best of your availability. I know if must be humiliating to be made so tiny but at least i will be certain you will not get away now. And, if you do, your very existence is endangered. See, you need me now to keep you safe, to keep you as my little foot pet till the end of time. But remember, if you cross me or disappoint me, all I have to do is sneak my foot under your covers while you are in bed and step on you with the weight of my big toe. Now get to work and worship. You're going to have to try really, really hard now for me to even feel it!

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