Cali Logan - Experimentation

Vonka Romanov looks down at you, and is immediately apologetic... she invented a machine to shrink things and she had to test it on a person... you. She needs to run some tests on you now that you’re small. She’s so apologetic that she promises that if you’re not mad... she’ll go on a date with you after her tests! Sounds like a good deal! Vonka’s first test is to see what your durability is like... she’s going to crush you to see how strong you are! She puts you on the floor, and with her bare foot, she smothers you! But you’re okay! You’re quite strong! Now, she’s going to try smooshing you with her high heel on! Goodness! You’re still okay... so next she smooshes you with her breasts! You don’t see... so she decides next to SIT on you! Butt squishes! She writes a few things down for her experiment, and carries on by putting you on the floor. You immediately try to run away, but quickly catches you for more butt squishes! And threatens that there’s all kinds of things in the real world that could eat you!! She sits on you again and again, bouncing all along the way... you can a nice look up her skirt... and think about your nice date together. Vonka starts to stomp you with her bare feet again! You really are a tough little dude! You look up at her sexy dress when she decides to smoosh you between her thighs... reminding you of what your date will be like! Score! She wants you to see all the things worth looking forward to... and wants to give you some sensual foreplay instead of full on flatten. She jiggles you between her breasts, but you scream that it hurts too!! So Vonka decides that maybe her tongue might be softer! She sticks you in her mouth and lets you run around on her squishy tongue! Mmmm! Vonka even thinks you taste delicious!! Date time!

MP4 * 1.14 GB * 00:15:56 * 1920x1080

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