My ass has special powers. It's both irresistible but also extremely destructive!

Sydney is laughing at your face.. you've been her face sitting slave for the last few days and you're looking pretty haggard, it's almost as if your face is already caving in. She really hasn't been going easy on you but of course, her ass doesn't know the meaning of the word mercy.

Whats that? Oh, you want even more? Well of course you do! You're a complete addict who deserves nothing but to be a complete face cushion for her ass to destroy. She has no problem destroying you under her either, in fact she finds sitting right on your face extremely comfortable. So get ready to be destroyed once again!

You look up at her with your pleading eyes as her massive sexy butt slowly drops once again right on your face. You can only see the back of her ass as she uses you as her seat. She's not going easy on you either. How much of this can you even endure? Does it really matter as long as her perfect ass is pressed down on your face?

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