Natashas Bedroom - Penis Shrinking Through Chastity

Do you want a big, fat cock? Do you want a hefty, manly piece of meat to make women squirm with? No way. You're better off small. Itty bitty.

That's why I have this cock cage right here. Drop your pants. Drop your underwear. Goddess Natasha is going to lock up your dick in chastity, and make your manhood shrink away into nothingness.

You won't be allowed erections in this chastity cage. Sure your locked up dick will strain against the walls of its metal confinement as I tease you into oblivion, but it won't be able to grow big and full. It will throb but stay small. It will be cinched and weakened through prolonged penile imprisonment.

Every day you spend locked up under my control will make you smaller. You will shrink and shrink and shrink until there's nothing left down there. Just an imp0tent, emasculated little nub.

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