Kelly Sunshine - Ultimate CBT Humiliation Game - Pt 1

For all my junkies, I've created an exciting and twisted game that will give you a different humiliating jerk off experience every time. Your cock and balls are my toys, and your pleasure is in my hands. I want to destroy you, tease you, torment you with sensation and tempt you with release. This clip has endless outcomes, and will keep you entertained for as long as you can handle. Think of it as an infinite number of cbt jerk off instruction clips in one!

To play, you must get all 3 parts of this clip and load them into a playlist. Get a deck of 52 cards, sort out and shuffle all the heart cards. Follow my instructions closely. When I tell you to pause the clip, draw a card. Each card has a corresponding humiliating task I've filmed for you in clip part 2. Return to the guiding video part 1 after each task. After 5 tasks, head to clip part 3 for your chance of four different endings. Let's see if you can handle this intense masturbation game!

MP4 * 1008 MB * 00:17:27 * 1920x1080

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