Lindsey Leigh - Shrinking You To Toilet Speck Size

Custom Video: Please wear a tight and small micro bikini top and a thong with nude sheer thigh high nylons no heels. Have a very mean, bitchy attitude, yell occasionally. Lots of height/verbal & toilet fetish. You will be humiliating & slowly shrinking me until I’m the perfect size toilet slave for you. Say I'm already shorter than you(say your height) barefoot & I’m only 5'2" but as your slave I don’t deserve to be that tall & should be shorter next to you since you are my Goddess. Camera starts slightly shorter than you, after some height the camera will move lower to simulate me shrinking while still pointed upward at your face & body, as I shrink do height comparisons next to you. Have me admit I enjoy being shorter & want to continue to shrink for you. Yell at me to start shrinking for you. When I shrink below your waist, compare me to your legs, make me worship/kiss your ass, when I shrink below your knees do a size comparison & jump to kiss your ass. Say I’m now the perfect height to sit on & use as a full toilet for you & all your waste & the more I consume the more I will shrink for you. Pretend to sit on me to use me as your full toilet & yell at me to eat every piece of your waste & with each piece I eat the more I shrink. When I shrink to your feet, humiliate/compare me to them & make me worship them. Show bottoms of feet. Demand I continue to eat your waste which will shrink me shorter than the length of your feet. Keep demanding I eat your waste & as I do I shrink until your waste actually begins to consume me & I shrink away to nothing & I‘m completely consumed & become one with your waste.

MP4 * 236 MB * 00:12:10 * 1920x1080

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