Worship Amber - Walking You In Public

I'm the most pretty and popular girl in school, you're my bitch, a friendzoned beta who I've put in chastity. We are going to a music festival. You are on your knees while I hold your chin up and give you a lecture on how you must be obedient to my friends and I. I Place a collar around your neck and attach a leash before explaining what is expected of you: carrying my water and bag, keeping your eyes down, and always walking/crawling BEHIND me. A pretty girl should always have an obedient beta puppy on a leash who follows her around and does whatever she says. We practice walking around with you on a leash (I don't want you embarrassing me in front of everyone so you HAVE to learn how to behave.) You have a perfect view of my ass and legs, strutting around in my sub funded heels. I spit in your face and make you lick it off the ground, simply because I think its funny and I want it to cover your ugly loser face!

MP4 * 1.19 GB * 00:13:55 * 1920x1080

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