Cali Logan - Cali Logan's Inner Bimbo

You and your wife Cali Logan just got back home from the mall. Yes its been what 30 thousand years that you two have been married. Okay maybe a bit of an exageration but you get the point. It's been a while. So she feels lke she can address issues with you. Such as you looking at other women when you are out.. Or more on the line of valley girls. Well she bought something just for you and this day. Some tight little clothes have made their way in to her shopping bag along with some.. very expensive.. lip stick from Saphora. You bought it all though so its okay. And she begins to put on her best impressions of vally girl Cali for you. And damn if it didn't work. She can't help but make the suttle comments about you really getting hard for this. But that's okay she wants to make you happy so she is going to continue with her slutty bimbo valley girl impersonation. And just the site of her little faces of disbelief and disgust don't even bother you. Because well you are being satisfied and she wants to make sure you pop.

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