Cali Logan - Shrink Day with Cali Logan

Cali Logan wants to throw a huge party, and it turns out you’re the best party planner in town! Cali is so excited, but suddenly... you start to shrink!! Cali gets even more excited!! She’s never gotten to witness anyone on “Shrink Day”!! Cali shrieks that she’ll have good luck, and she’s really thrilled that you get to experience it with her, your good friend. How wonderful for both of you! She’s so thrilled to see you so small, she just thinks you’re the cutest! Cali didn’t realize how small “Shrink Day” really made you!! You’re only about as big as Cali’s high heel!!! She’s like Goliath to your Davy!! And apparently in order to get her good luck, she had to crush you!! Poor tiny Davy! Cali wants to step on you, or squeeze you with her bare hands, like the biggest hug of your life!! Or she could just sit on you, and you wouldn’t be able to breath even a little bit underneath all that Cali cushion. How intimidating! You’re so little that she could even clip your little head with her toes!! But as you know, you’re friends with Cali, so she decides to relax a little bit...while you use your tiny hands to rub Cali’s little toesies. Cali just laughs and giggles right in your face, and tries bearing weight on you in different ways... before she tries to put you in her mouth!!!! She could just lick you right up! She jokingly threatens to put you in a cup, and that her spit would just fill your cup like a swimming pool!! Apparently, the more you struggle, the more luck Cali gets! Looks like Cali is going to give you hell today!!! Not before she strips down for your sexiest “Shrink Day”!

MP4 * 1.13 GB * 00:15:48 * 1440x1080

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