Dannii Harwood - Be My Entertainment Plaything

This is going to be a bit different. This isnt a normal clip, think of it as an interview! Next week Im going a fetish party and I am looking for one slave to accompany and be my bitch. I want a real asshole; someone I can do ANYTHING I want to! E-mail me if you want to apply for the job and send a picture showing you do something extreme thats really humiliating and almost disgust me. I want to know just what kind of REAL loser you really are. Only REAL losers apply, not some loser who just does cam sessions once and a while. Now listen to what this party will entail. I have 5 hot friends coming and we are going to treat of you like a human garbage can. You are nothing to me, just a toy for me to us. We are going to be the living out of you! We are going to spit all over your face and in your mouth like the dirty cunt you are! Lay on the floor so you can take my spit in your mouth loser. We are going to lay you on the floor, pull our sexy panties off and squatting right over your face just like this and we are going to piss all over that loser face of yours and right down the back of your throat! Oh if you cant handle that you really wont be able to handle us on your face then will you. If you THINK you can handle it then go ahead and apply losers! - Dannii

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