Kelly Sunshine - Mental Chastity

You thought you had control. You truly believed you could watch My clips and carry on with your normal life. You never expected yourself to become one of "those guys" who painfully yearns to submit; to be unable to carry on without the powerful of a Domme's control. I explicitly warned you the dangers of allowing Me to infiltrate your mind. First, I controlled you through your cock, as you realized you had no will to resist buying that first clip. Then I controlled your wallet, as you compulsively bought every bit of new content. Then I controlled your mind, when you became unable to think without Me. This is how I want you. I want you so mind fucked you can't even get hard without Me. I want to put you into a deep state of mental chastity. I don't even need a cock cage to put you in your place. You are so weak for Me, your only option is to surrender.

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