This video was filmed as a custom video and is VERY niche! Make sure to read the description to make sure it is something you would enjoy. DISGUSTING Cuck Meal! I’m your futa goddess and come home to you cucky telling you I brought you a burger and fries as a reward since you’ve been such a good cuck sissy bitch, but I’m not done preparing it yet. I give myself a pedicure adding foot dust and foot dirt, toe nails, to the bowl, then followed by spit and I also add nose snot, (no snot is actually visible but I’m blowing my nose in the food bowl with my finger) and on top of that I want to add pubic hair shavings (shaving my already shaved pussy whilst wearing a Futa cock, no hair is visible at all as my pussy is already shaved) and then I let you suck my futa cock and cum in your mouth, you give me the cum to swish around and mix with spit in my mouth, then I spit the cum in your food bowl, and place it on the floor after mashing it up for you to eat on the floor on all fours like a good sissy slave. This video was filmed as a custom video, very niche, very kinky and fetish oriented! Futa Futanari Food fetish Cuck Sissy Slave Training and more.

MP4 * 2.46 GB * 00:17:31 * 1920x1080

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