Dommelia - Hero Destroyer Ep 3 - Plugged and Spiked

I enter the room where I’m holding you prisoner to find you looking quite unhappy & miserable. Oh dear ‘hero’, if you’re looking like that now, imagine what you’ll be like further down the line. I begin delivering you electric shocks on the device I’ve placed on you and inform you that I’ll be leaving the system to deliver you random shocks even while I’m away - I like to know you’re constantly suffering for me, even in my absence. You’ll have no idea when it’s coming, you’ll simply be on edge, dreading the next burst. Feel free to yell, nobody else will hear you through these reinforced walls, but the sound is music to my ears. Next up in your training regime will be some training. That’s right, not only will you be helplessly locked in place here, you’ll now have a butt plug to go with your chastity cage. And speaking of your chastity cage, I have some delicious new additions to add to it – spikes! Now I’ll tease and torment you, knowing how much you’re getting turned on, yet causing yourself so much pain! Just the way I like it! Oh, how I love to see you suffer, ‘hero’…

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